Light Therapy at
Radiance Body Contouring

During your initial consultation you will meet with our friendly, knowledgable consultants & technicians. They will discuss your desired goals to identify what your needs are and then they will customize a plan just for you. The program is designed to jump start the new you. 

More about the Contour Light:

• Contor light has four extra large pads that are 28" x 12", and two smaller pads there are 9" by 20", which are applied directly to the skin for 25 minutes.

• Each large  pad has 816 microchip diodes,and each small pad has 416 microchip diodes. Each diode has 80 mW of light energy, for a total of 327,680 mW of power, making it by far the most powerful device on the market for this application.

• Covers more area of the body than any other device on the market! There are 8 panels of light that can be positioned around the body for maximum benefit. 

• The wavelength opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell.

• Each session is followed by 10 minutes on the full body vibration plate,  the rebounder, or a manual lymphatic drainage session. This stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation.


Schedule a Session:

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