Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is your body's waste elimination system. When it is functioning optimally it efficiently uses the natural movement of your soft muscle tissue to move the lymph fluids and rid the body of toxins. However the system often gets backed up and fluid builds up in the body.

After light therapy sessions, fat gets flushed out through the lymphatic system for the liver and the colon to break down, and eliminated from the body. Movement and vibration plates can help this process but the most effective method is lymphatic massage to ensure maximum benefit. 

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Surgery or injuries often block the lymphatic system from doing it's job, creating blockages in the lymph nodes. This is called Lymphedema.  It is essential for these blockages to be cleared for proper disposal of toxins and natural movement of the body's fluids. Manual Lymph drainage or lymphatic massage is the most effective way to keep the lymph system healthy and the body happy. 



The lymphatic system is key in detoxification. It is responsible for cleaning the body at a cellular level, returning proteins and excess tissue fluids to the blood, and providing a pathway for the removing waste from the body.


Wellness and Beauty

The lymphatic system is an essential part of the immune system. It is key in the production and transportation of antibodies (white blood cells called lymphocytes) throughout the body to fight infection. Keeping your lymphatic system healthy is key in general health and well being.

Bloating, itchy skin and/or puffy skin are all signs that your lymphatic system could use a little help. When everything is flowing smoothly the body reflects this wellbeing with beautiful radiant skin.