Light Therapy Benefits

Beyond Weight Loss and Body Contouring

Many find relief from common problems associated with the following: 

Back Pain
Collagen Production
Cuts & Scrapes
Digestive disturbances
Dry Skin
Hair loss
Inflammation and swelling

Knee Pain
Minor Burns
Neck Pain
Stretch Marks
Sun damage
Uneven skin tone
Wound Care



More specifically:

Photobiomulation has many physical effects. Many clients find that they start light therapy seeking weight loss and body contouring options and stick with it because of how amazing it makes their body feel. The increased increased production of ATP and nitric oxide play a huge role in this. The body is getting more fuel so that it can perform all of its amazing self-healing functions more efficiently. In general Red light is good for relieving inflammation and inflammatory conditions. Interestingly, the literature is rife with reports on improving macular degeneration. The light at Radiance Body contouring is Near-infrared light, which is good for regeneration of deeper structures such as tendons, bones and cartilage; orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems. Red or near-infrared light at night also produces melatonin and helps you sleep. Near-infrared may also be useful for kidney problems. Anecdotal evidence suggests it could be a powerful therapy for kidney failure.

“Kidney failure is the third leading cause of death. These are old folks who are dying from kidney failure. You can’t really give them transplants because they’re elderly. You put a near-infrared LED array where their kidneys are and it seems to work like a dream. [But] it’s hardly been studied at all,” - Dr. Micheal Hamblin

Why Does Light Therapy have so many Benefits?

For every cell in your body the source of energy that keeps everything going is Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the way our body stores and uses energy. It is the perfect energy currency for your cells to use. With Photobiomodulation the ATP process is stimulated.