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Light Treatments

Contour Light is the latest advancement in non-invasive body contouring technology. Naturally slim, shape and tone all areas of the body safely without surgery or pain. It is effective on body areas that are resistant to diet and exercise: waist, hips, thighs, arms and chin.

Lymphatic Massage
Manual Lymph Drainage

The main function of the lymph system is for detoxification and disposal of metabolic waste. Lymphatic massage helps the body more efficiently get rid of waste build up. A lymphatic massage is the perfect compliment to a Contour Light treatment. 

Package Deals
The Best of both Offerings

After light therapy sessions, fat gets flushed out through the lymphatic system for the liver and the colon to break down, and eliminated from the body. Movement and vibration plates can help this process but the most effective method is lymphatic massage to ensure maximum benefit. 


Weight Loss

Contour Light opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell as well as speeds up the metabolism. One 25 minute treatment equals seven 30 minute cardio workouts!


Health Benefits

Light Therapy isn't just about weight loss. Many clients are seeking relief from pain, skin conditions or other conditions causing discomfort. 



The Science of Light Therapy

Clinical studies have proven that exposure to 635nm light causes a stimulation of the subcutaneous fat cells, resulting in the release of triglycerides into the interstitial region of the body. The fat gets flushed out through the lymphatic system for the liver and the colon to break down,and eliminated from the body.